Health Begins in the Kitchen

Health Begins in the Kitchen

I have always believed that the very first thing that we should be concerned about when it comes to our companion animals is what we feed them. I have taught this and lectured about this for over 25 years now. I have seen the enormous benefits with my own companion animals, as well as with the thousands of animals that I have seen switched to a natural diet.

We must feed our companion animals all natural whole foods that contain no preservatives, added salt, sugar, artificial coloring or flavoring. We must also use only human consumption grade ingredients and we must never compromise on the quality of the ingredients that we feed. All commercial pet foods, whether canned or dry, can be months even years old before it gets to you. If you had raw meat in the refrigerator you most likely would not feed it to your family after 2 possibly 3 days. If that same meat was cooked, maybe you would keep it for 5 or 6 days. Protein at room temperature starts to decompose after a few hours. Fats go rancid at room temperature and most commercial foods contain from 6% to 20% fat. So how can commercial foods be at room temperature for long periods of time? The answer, of course, is with lots of preservatives! These preservatives can cause a myriad of problems and predispose your companion to all kinds of diseases, including cancer.

In addition to the preservatives, commercial foods include meats that are of questionable quality. We hear of so many dogs and cats with allergies, kidney problems, liver problems and cancer. It is appalling. A natural diet can prevent and sometimes change completely the course of an animal’s life. We have seen horrible allergies in dogs and cats clear up just by changing the diet to a totally natural diet and by adding essential fatty acids, including flax, borage, hemp or evening primrose oils. It is truly amazing to see these animals who have suffered for so long improve so dramatically just by changing their food!

So what can we do? My answer for the past 24 years has always been the same — cook for your companion animals. The reaction to asking people to cook for their animals is often an initial knee-jerk reaction — “Cook for my dog, I don’t even cook for myself!”

But the reality is that once they try it, they find it is not that difficult and the results are so incredible that they make the commitment to their best friend to do the best thing. It really only takes about 8-10 minutes a day to cook a wholesome, balanced and all natural, preservative free meal. Most guardians see an immediate improvement in skin and coat, eye clarity, energy and vitality and digestion.

The ratio that I recommend is 40% protein, 30% grains, 30% vegetables and of course added oils. I suggest rotating proteins every week because nature made each source of protein slightly different. The amino acid chains and concentration of amino acids is different in each and every protein and it is healthful for your companion to have each of these different amino acid chains. Suggested proteins are beef, tripe, chicken, turkey, fish, tofu, lentils and eggs. I also suggest rotating oils. Suggested oils include flax, olive, hemp, borage, black current, wheat germ, etc. I also recommend herbs and vitamins in a natural multi-supplement. I recommend 1/4 teaspoon of the following per pound of food: Lecithin granules, fresh garlic, nutritional yeast, alfalfa powder, spirulina and bee pollen granules.

Changing your companion animals to an all natural diet reaps its own rewards. Your friend will be happy, healthier and with you for a longer time. I have also seen less need to visit the vet for illness and more for wellness and your dogs and cats will be more vital. We who love our companion animals and want to do the very best for them find that the little extra time and energy that it takes on our part to prepare healthful foods is well worth it. And the thanks we get is a thousand extra kisses and so much more!

Dr. Harvey Cohen

Dr. Harvey Cohen, is the director of Dr. Harvey’s Healthy Formulations, a company dedicated to the health and longevity of all animals. He can be reached at his toll free number 1-866-362-4123 or through email at or by going to his website which is