Original Miracle Cloth Puppy Bath Robe

Original Miracle Cloth Puppy Bath Robe

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Back: 9”
Neck: 8-10”
Girth: 14-16”

Back: 11”
Neck: 12-14”
Girth: 16-18”

Back: 13”
Neck: 14-16”
Girth: 20-23”

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Product Description

Miracle Cloth soaks up to seven times its weight in water. Lessens time spent under the dryer. Squeezes virtually dry with ease and washes well.
The design features a chest panel to help dry the underside area. Straps wrap around the back to tie securely. The hood comes over the head to help dry the ear and neck area. A decorative little pocket is featured on the back of the robe.