Hand-knit Cashmere & Angora Sweater

$ 57.00$ 105.00

Size 6 – For dogs 2 – 3 pounds
Size 8 – For dogs 3.5 – 5 pounds
Size 10 – For dogs 5.5 – 7 pounds
Size 12 – For dogs 7.5 – 9.5 pounds – Girth 18”
Size 14 – Girth 19”

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These hand-knit cashmere and angora sweaters are soft, warm and luxurious. Their natural beauty does not require embellishment. The sweaters are easily pulled over your puppy’s head and comfy to wear. The flower is gently tied to the sweater and simple to remove if so desired.

Hand wash in cold water and mild soap suds. Rinse well in fresh water. Never wring. Press out excess water with towels. Dry on a flat surface on a fresh dry towel away from direct heat or sunlight, until air-dried. Fold; do not hang. If properly cared for, these sweaters will last a lifetime.

With the purchase of any sweater, Puppies with Attitude will include a 1¼” high Swarovski Bear Brooch with moveable legs, valued at $15.00. The little bear is a charming adornment for the sweaters.