The Treasure of Grace

The Treasure of Grace

Grace is a fun loving, seven year old, Golden Retriever. Her name was chosen from the Bible because of her outstanding characteristics of unconditional love and faithfulness. These virtues serve as a reminder to our family of the limitless love, faithfulness, and grace we receive from God. We are blessed daily by walking with Grace. We do not say or spell the words “park” or “walk” without being serious about taking her for a stroll or to the off leash area.

Gracie (her “pet” name) enjoys playing with a variety of stuffed toys. These toys serve many purposes to her. Sometimes they are used to let us know she wants to go outside, or that she wants to play. Other times she tears the stuffing out of them and lets us know she is mad or upset. She likes to share them with others as well and brings a toy to the door to greet each of us when we come home.

Another activity that thrills her is cooling off and splashing around in her kiddy pool in the back yard. Biting at the water from the hose is an exciting game for her and also works as a water pik to keep her teeth clean. She gets her baths in her pool too. She is very well behaved as she is treated like royalty and soaks in a deep massage. Then she darts off to do a grass dance and shake it all out to get dry. She loves how pretty she looks and feels when she is all clean, and on special occasions the “Queen” gets to put on her royal Swarovski Crystal Collar and gracefully poses for pictures.

By performing numerous tricks and communicating in almost human like ways, she continually demonstrates her intelligence, loyalty, and sense of humor. One thing that she does that is rather amusing is to let everyone know when it is bed time. If we are not in bed and the lights are not out around 9:30 or 10:00 p.m. the latest she starts to go from room to room and stares everyone down and walks toward the bedrooms so that we will get the point that it is time to settle down. She isn’t impressed when we do not follow our regular routine.

Loyalty comes natural to Gracie. She usually waits until we start to eat our evening meal before she will touch her own food. As a puppy when one of us had to work late she would wait until we were home and once she smelled our breath to see that we had eaten, then she would finally eat her supper. She is also very sensitive and sticks close by when one of us is under the weather. Her favorite dog treats are homemade cookies with flax and figs. Chewing on soup bones and then burying them in the backyard is another puppy passion she hasn’t outgrown.

As a member of our family, Gracie is treasured and loved dearly. The love we receive from her is measureless and her devotion is priceless. We are thankful for the joy and well being that she brings to our lives and our home.

Lois Steven