Unconditional Love, Lexie’s Story

Unconditional Love

I was feeling particularly unhappy and just a little lonely on that Mother’s Day weekend in 2001. I thought about it long, but not too hard and decided a furry little friend to love and care for was the salve I needed. A girlfriend and I set out on a warm, sunny afternoon to begin the search. We started by checking out our local SPCA, but found only large dogs. A large dog would not be too happy in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. On a whim, I suggested we stop at a pet store where the SPCA sometimes brings dogs available for adoption. As luck would have it, they were there!

In the corner of her cage sat a timid and sad looking little shaggy dog with huge brown eyes. It was love at first glance for both of us. Once home, my little Brussels-Griffon (under all that hair) did not let me out of her sight for one second. For two days Lexie followed me everywhere around our small apartment. She seemed to be adjusting to her new home quite well. Then, when I left for work my sweet little dog became extremely anxious and destroyed the lower portion of two sets of blinds. It took time, but I learned that a kennel, treats, her favorite toy dog and a cozy blanket gave her the comfort and security she needed while I was at work.

Lexie is very intelligent, eager to please and extremely loyal and affectionate. She loves her walks and makes friends with critters of both the two-legged and four-legged varieties. A better companion would be hard to find. My little rescue dog seems to appreciate every little thing I do for her and gives back so much more. Would I adopt another rescue dog? In a heartbeat! It was immediately apparent that Lexie was well-socialized and had a sweet disposition. She was potty trained; none of those surprises all over the rug. My new best friend was fully grown, so I didn’t have to guess how big she would get. And, thanks to the SPCA, Lexie was spayed and up-to-date on her shots. Not having to worry about that expense was definitely a bonus. I paid only $129.00 for twelve pounds of solid gold!

My Mom and I wondered who could have given away this beautiful little dog. As Lexie had obviously just delivered puppies, we determined she must have been used as a breeding machine in a puppy mill. It is so sad to think of my little angel locked up to breed until she wasn’t needed any longer. I can’t stop the overpopulation of dogs by uncaring, greedy puppy mill owners, but I am happy I’ve been able to give one precious little dog a second chance to the love and security she deserves. The best part of this story; Lexie gave me the unconditional love I had yet to find.

Tamie Navan

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